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Sophie is honored to have been part of the amazing How She Hustles team. In 2019, she branded the in-person Startup & Slay event, designing print and digital graphics including stationery, social media graphics, marketing graphics, and pop-up banners. In 2020, Sophie branded the Startup & Slay video series, which was done in lieu of a virtual event due to the pandemic; designs included social media graphics, a website, and creating elements to be used in the videos (lower thirds, etc.). For events like the How She Hustles 10 Year Anniversary Virtual Celebration, Virtual Meetups, and Summer Social, Sophie designed flyers, social media and website graphics, and graphics used in videos and presentations. View the graphics in use on How She Hustles’ YouTube channel, here.
The Team:
From How She Hustles founder Emily Mills.
“Ever have a big idea that makes you feel both hella *BOLD* but also gives you butterflies at the same time? I get that feeling often. I’ve learned not to ignore it – and that when I get that feeling in my gut, I need the right people around me to make that vision a reality.
Enter this amazing crew pictured here – the original production team behind the #startupandslay national digital video series produced by #howshehustles about diverse women entrepreneurs. #ICYMI – We debuted the series online this October with generous support from CIBC, Futurpreneur Canada and Ryerson University. Visit if you missed the videos, Q&As & photos!
We produced 6 videos, in 4 weeks, in 3 provinces with 2 launch events. We nailed our social media targets and blew past our media projections. We nurtured new relationships, and even helped to boost some sales!
I’m so damn proud of this project. And that it was built by a team of 25 women including those here: Terri & Leslie Bryan, Jessica Yamoah, Kat Espiritu, Ebyan Bihi, Rahel Appiagyei-David, Jalisa Luces-Mendez & Sophie Taylor.
So what are my top lessons learned from working with the entire crew?
#1/ Focus on working with people how are driven by passion, not by paycheques. I’m *so* down for making sure folks get their pap$r, but there is no substitute for ride-or-die folks who will grind to get things done right – with the right vibes. If you find good people like I did, hang on to them!
#2/ Keep it real with your team. Sometimes that means admitting that you’re reconsidering your route, but you’re still 100% sure of your collective destination. You’re no less of a leader if you don’t have all the answers. Actually, that’s exactly why you have a talented team to help guide and fuel the work! Welcome their wisdom as you lead.
#3/ Make your relationships a priority – not just the results. For us, that meant identifying goals but also our ground rules for working together – so everyone knew from the start how to treat each other.”

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